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1 Mid Term Examination 2017-10-30

NPI University of Bangladesh


25 October 2017

Mid Term Examinations Summer 2017 of NPI University of Bangladesh (NPIUB) will be held from 09- 20 November. All students of different Faculties        are requested to         pay their due tuition fees and get clearance from       Accounts Office within 07 November 2017 to       appear at the Mid Term Examinations. Without registration and Clearance Card any student will      not be allowed         to appear at the Mid Term Examinations.


FMA Salam


2 MBA: Strategic Management Mid Term Result 2017-11-16

The subject of Strategic Management Mid Term result has been published.All the students of MBA Check your result from the list.

3 Program Approval of UGC 2017-01-24

Program Approval of UGC List

4 Faculty and Executive Search 2017-02-05

Faculty and Executive Search