It is my pleasure to welcome you at NPIUB website. I hope your visit to the NPIUB website will be beneficial for understanding the matters like: who we are and what we do in our campus. NPIUB was established in 2015 with an objective to bring “Distinction in Education” with a vision to become a leading University in the Globe. Since its inception, NPIUB has been the pioneer in providing high quality education and committed to developing human capital of our country to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

NPIUB is well known for its peaceful academic environment and it is one of the fasted growing universities of our country with a group of dedicated faculty members, who take teaching seriously. NPIUB faculty members are able to motivate students to learn, and encourage them to provide feedback concerning their progress. NPIUB maintains international standrads of teaching to prepare students for successful careers. NPIUB has partnered initiatives with national and multinational bodies to enable students to work in different organizations to gain supplementary knowledge beyond class room learning. In fact organizations employing NPIUB graduates have benefited from their relatively steep learning curves. As a result, organizations that have recruited once from NPIUB continue to recruit NPIUB graduates have proven themselves to be strong leaders, strategic thinkers and exceptional team players who are compatible with the culture and needs of the organization.

No matter you are a prospective student or alumni, a guardian or visitor, a student or faculty member, a researcher or staff, an academician or stranger, your interest on NPIUB would be highly valued and always appreciated. Hope your journey to NPIUB website will give you distinct impression that NPIUB is a high quality higher learning institution which imparts knowledge through global education with distinguish faculty members.

As a member of NPIUB leading team, I believe it has much more to give to the society and it is committed to do that with your help.


Mr. Ishaq Ali Khan Panna