A new student (other than a credit transfer student) is automatically registered in the semester in which he/she gets admitted. After this, to enroll in a semester, a student shall pay registration fees within the date announced in the Academic Calendar of the Semester. The registration starts usually after the mid-term exams. of a semester. The date/period of registration is announced by the university on the notice boards and on website. As seats are limited in a course, a student may not get the advised course for delay in registration.

Academic Advising 

1. An admitted student is attached to an Academic Advisor (a Faculty Member designated to advise) for the purpose of counselling the student in career planning, selection of courses, understanding academic rules and regulations, etc. The Adviser assesses performance and potential of a student and suggests which courses he/she should take in a given semester and what are the associated pre-requisite courses, if any, to take.

2. A new student is automatically advised in the first semester courses at the time of admission. However, if a new student has credit transfer or course exemption/waiver, he/she must collect the name of his academic advisor from the concerned Dean Office of the program, contact him/her and complete advising. A regular student seeking advising must first pay registration fees and two days after payment should enroll in courses on the NPIUB website. Before enrolling or advising, a student must carefully study the Academic Rules, Semester Calendar, Advising Rules, Program Course sequence and class schedule of the semester. However, the Academic Advisor of the student shall confirm his/her course enrollment and if a student has not followed enrollment rules properly, he/she will be notified to meet the advisor. If a student faces any problem in registration, enrolment or advising, he/she should contact his/her Advisor. Students are encouraged to contact their Advisers for any problem- academic or otherwise.

Course Load and Sequence

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Add, Drop and Section Change

An undergraduate/graduate student may withdraw from one or more courses, add one or more courses or change section with the permission of the Academic Advisor within the deadline announced in the Semester Calendar. Please consult the Semester Calendar for exact date for add, drop and section change. A student must have a convincing reason to add/ drop a course or change section. If a student drops a course after the deadline without permission of the Dean, he/she will have to pay the tuition fees and shall earn "F" grade in the course.

Withdrawal from a Semester

1. If, before registration, a student wants to withdraw from one or more semesters he/she should apply to the Dean for permission to withdraw.


2. If a registered student wants to withdraw from the semester by dropping all courses, he/she must apply to the Dean for permission. The Dean may allow such withdrawal only under convincing reason such as serious or prolonged illness, death of parent etc.