To remain in good standing, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 in a semester.  The GPA is calculated on the basis of the number of courses completed, including the course(s) in which the student receives "F" grade, until he or she repeats the course and the "F" grade is substituted by a passing grade.

Academic Probation and Dismissals

A student with a GPA of less than 2.50 in a semester is placed on probation, and is allowed a maximum of two semesters to raise his/her GPA. A student who fails to achieve a GPA of 2.50 within two consecutive semesters may be allowed additional chance depending on the improvement made, may be asked to transfer to another degree program or may be dismissed from the university.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal 

Students who have been dismissed from the university for academic reasons may apply for readmission.  Such applications would be treated on individual basis. However, upon readmission students may seek credit transfer for courses where they had earned a minimum of C+ grade before dismissal. Readmission is granted only once.

Withdrawal from the Program 

1. If a student who has not registered in a semester but is willing to withdraw from a semester or more must apply to the respective Dean/Chairperson. A registered student who wishes to withdraw from a semester (dropping all courses for the semester) must do so within the deadline by contacting the Dean/Advisor of the respective Faculty. Withdrawals are not allowed after the deadline except in the case of verifiable non-academic hardships if granted by the appropriate authority of the University. A statement is entered on the withdrawing student's academic record indicating the official withdrawal. The grade "F" is recorded for students who abandon their courses without officially withdrawing from a semester or from a course. 

2.  A student who has not yet registered in a semester and wishes to temporarily withdraw from the program for a semester or more , must apply to the Dean of the concerned Faculty stating the reason for withdrawal. The Dean may permit withdrawal if the reason is acceptable.

3. A student who wishes to permanently withdraw from the program may do so by applying to the Dean of the concerned Faculty.

4. A student who did not formally withdraw from a program and later on wants to register in courses will have to seek permission from the Dean and pay 50% of the admission fees.


After the withdrawal period is over, a student may apply for re-entry into the Program and in such case he/she must complete the requirements for the degree at the time of re-entry.

Change of Degree Program 

Students seeking to change their Program must submit a written request to the respective Dean/Advisor.  Upon recommendation from the Dean/Advisor of the Faculty to which the student intends to transfer, the appropriate/relevant office of the university shall make the necessary changes in the student's record.