The NPI University of Bangladesh is a private educational institute located at a prime location of Manikgonj. It is a cater to the needs of students and professionals who desire to further their formal education, by offering Bachelor and Master degrees in a variety of disciplines and also need-based professional programs.


To establish a university in Bangladesh that shall continuously strive to remain at the cutting edge of building useful knowledge and provide marketable skills to younger generations.


To Achieve the goals of higher education for sustainable economic growth of the country through a tripartite relationship between itself, industries, reputed universities and institutions at home and abroad.

Strategis to Implement the Mission

To fulfill the Mission, the NPI University of Bangladesh will pursue the following strategies:

  • Equip students with practical knowledge and technological skills to be at the cutting edge of advanced technology to compete in the global market;

  • Provide opportunities where students can integrate with community to identify their economic needs and attend to such needs by adopting viable technologies;

  • Promote the practice of lifelong learning;

  • Build up an infrastructure for the promotion of advanced and new sciences and technology at affordable cost;

  • Undertake practical research and develop support services at community level;

  • Network with institutions and organizations at national and international levels for exchange of knowledge and information;

  • Liaise closely with industry to provide increased job opportunities for the graduates;

  • Develop and improve teacher quality through different kinds of training and course related research;

Commitment to Quality Education

The NPI University of Bangladesh aims in ensuring that its credentials and acceptable both nationally and internationally through providing quality education. By quality education, NPI University of Bangladesh means development or enhancement of one’s free mind, attitude and human values, provision of correct information, and the endless quest for truth and knowledge. With this perspective, the NPI University of Bangladesh is committed to provide quality education through diversified and responsive content of its curriculum, well trained and experienced faculty members using appropriate teaching methods and processes, well-maintained and technologically equipped facilities and quality services. All of these are aimed to shape a complete, more effective, more efficient, and a humane person.