It is a matter of great satisfaction that we have been able to balance growth and expansion with access, equity and quality, as well as blend modern technologies with conventional approaches to the teaching learning process. The campus combines state-of-the-art infrastructure with friendly amenities and an environment friendly  sustainable approach.

The university is committed to promoting excellence through holistic teaching-learning and research processes aimed at unleashing the creative potential of every student, thus enabling them to become catalysts of social and economic transformation necessary for human and peaceful world.

It is our belief that these goals can be best achieved through transparency, democratic values, equity, accountability and accessibility in an atmosphere that fosters intellectual freedom. It is our constant endeavour to actively ingrain these values into the day-to-day functioning of the university.

As a member of the University family since its inception and its current Registrar, it gives me great pride to welcome new students to be a part of this dream.


Professor FMA Salam